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A Glass Half Full

Are you sprinting past all of the colorful roses on your path in life? Have you been so focused on life's thorns that you have lost sight of all of the beauty that God has placed right in front of you? Maybe today you find that you are so entangled and burdened by life's hardships that you put all of your focus and attention on the negative. But guess what? God doesn't want that for you. He wants to reveal to you His glory even on the hardest of days. Now yes, for a while your circumstances might very well stay the same but your perspective doesn't have to. The truth is we all have blessings in our lives that sometimes we just can't see. But God has a knack for teaching us how to stop living color blind. We just have to be willing to ask him.


Live Healthy With Laura Bundle

The Live Healthy With Laura bundle will include a 5-day meal plan with a detailed grocery list and recipes to go along with it. 

The bundle will be $7.00 and will be a PDF file emailed to you.

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Mama, You Still Matter

A mama's guilt-free guide to physical, mental & spiritual self care.


Live Healthy With Laura: Stop Dieting and Start Living with my 10 Easy to Follow Lifestyle Principles, 30 of my Favorite Recipes and More!

When is the last time you really felt free around food and in tuned with your body? In our extremist culture with so many fad diets advertised promising amazing, quick results, Laura strives to teach a refreshing more balanced approach that leads to lasting results for both the mind and body. This book sheds light on Laura’s most valued lifestyle principles that she believes can help everyone live happy, healthy and free.

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