A New Year Is Here... So Now What?

Life is such a whirlwind! I feel like we were just enjoying warm summer days by the pool and now the holidays have passed and we are in the thick of winter! My kids are anxiously waiting for the first real snow storm of the year so they can build Olaf and mommy is secretly hoping for a few snowed in days at home!

So now that 2020 is here I want to ask you one question… now what?

Now what lifestyle changes do you aspire to make to feel better?

Now what health or fitness goals do you want to achieve?

Now what health sabotaging habits do you want to say good bye to?

Here’s the thing… If we don’t set goals then we will NEVER better ourselves in this life. If we aren’t intentional about our days, weeks, months and years then they will just fly by. Every second of this life is a gift! Why not take a look ahead to this next year and ask ourselves what changes we need to make to better our mental and physical health and our lives as a whole? Why not make those changes actually happen? Let’s get our pens out and start planning NOW you guys.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a healthy body or mind!

Let’s start with the basics. When am I going to workout? How am I going to find time to plan and make healthy meals for me and my family? When am I going to schedule my ME time? What time do I need to be in bed to ensure I’m getting enough sleep? The list continues but you get the picture right? Basically, you have to plan and then plan some more in order to be healthy and successful. It is simple as that! This may not come naturally for you to do at first but I promise you can do it and you will be glad you did!

Let’s get excited for this new year ahead! It’s going to be AMAZING! It’s going to be the year we take better care of ourselves than we ever have before! Speak this truth, believe this truth and get out your planner and set a strategic plan for HOW you are going to make the healthiest YOU a reality this year! Remember, a little planning goes a long way my friends!

Just setting a goal is such a wonderful feeling but actually achieving that goal? THAT feeling is liberating and I know that you can achieve it!

Happy New Year friends! Let’s make 2020 count shall we?

~ Laura

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Laura Heflin



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