Coffee: The Pros And The Cons

Coffee... you either really love it or you really hate it. I think it's pretty safe to say though that most people enjoy their coffee without fail on a daily basis! It's often times a momma's favorite pick me up and a students study buddy of choice. I personally look so forward to mine every single morning shortly after I wake up! It's not just the energy kick but also the taste and the aroma that I absolutly love. I actually started drinking it on my honeymoon almost thirteen years ago and I never stopped. Once I started sipping that latte in that coffee shop right off that beach in Cancun the rest was history!

Okay, now that we all know about my intense love for coffee can we just clear one thing up? Is coffee good for us or not? With so much controversy out there about coffee I hope today to answer this for you once and for all. So I really believe it all comes down to how much coffee you drink, what kind and when you drink it! Allow me to break it down for you a little further for you.

Let's first talk about the pros shall we? Coffee is loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids, metabolism and mood boosting properties and is a great a digestive aid! In a nut shell coffee can help protect you from cancer and heart disease, help you lose stubborn belly fat, help lessen depression and anxiety and keep your bathroom trips more regular. Whoa! Did I mention coffee tastes amazing (in my very biast opinion) too?

On the flip side though, coffee has some not so great attributes. For starters it can become very addicting and many end up feeling as if they can't make it through the day without it. Coffee is also a stimulant meaning it puts your body in "fight or flight mode" to some degree. This basically means it can cause you to feel wired and your adrenal glands (the little thumb size glands above your kidneys) to feel tired leading to a whole host of issues! Ironically though coffee can lead you to adrenal burn out and it can also cause insomnia to the point that you can not seem to sleep no matter what you do! Also, can we talk about those fancy frapachinos and macchiatos that can put you back 500 calories or more? In addition to that, coffee can also stain your teeth, dehydrate you and give you heart burn! Yikes! I myself used to be dependent on coffee through out the day. If I was tired I would just go have another cup. I did this until it back fired and I ended up with adrenal fatigue and I was a jittery, tired but wired mess!

So, how does a coffee lover go about drinking it and not suffer these consequences? The answer is (dun, dun, dun)...MODERATION and TIMING! What I mean by that is one coffee beverage before mid day or 12 PM! This allows you to still savor that one cup without over taxing your adrenal glands, dehydrating your body or keeping you up at night! Preferably stick to organic coffee, brew it yourself, add a little coconut milk and natural sweetener and save those sugary Starbucks beverages for special treat (not an every day ordeal)! Now of course the teeth staining is still an issue so make sure you brush your teeth directly after you take your last sip! Lastly, as mentioned heartburn can be an issue for some if coffee is drank on an empty stomach so make sure you have a few bites of something to eat before starting to drink your coffee of this is a routine problem for you.

After a few weeks of following these tips you will be amazed how much better you feel when you go from those five cups to that one cup and only before lunch! Replace those extra cups of coffee with water instead and you will really be feeling amazing! You may have become dependent on coffee over the years but I promise you don't need coffee to function! You want it and that's okay! Now, you may deal with a few headaches in the process of weaning down to one cup a day but as with anything worth while it takes effort and dedication. Your body WILL thank you as a result I promise! So, drink that java friend! Just drink it first thing and don't drink too much ;-)!


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