Foods To Eat For That Summer Time Glow

Did you know that our skin is our largest organ? It is a clear reflection of what is on the inside. Our body relies on us to feed it an anti-inflammatory diet, rich in vitamins and minerals in order to maintain healthy skin. Specifically, the antioxidant "beta- carotene" and Vitamin C found in many orange and red pigmented foods are vital for glowing skin. Surprisingly though, dark chocolate and coffee have also been linked to glowing skin as well! They are also rich in antioxidants which in turn lower inflammation giving you an overall smoother complexion. Externally, coffee scrubs can be very beneficial for the skin as well. They can help clear our pores, remove black heads and get rid of dead skin!

Now internally, an antioxidant rich diet not only helps us maintain a healthy glow but it also has the ability to help reverse and repair cellular damage! So in many ways when we make an effort to consistently include these super foods in our diet we are actually turning back the clock! I have witnessed this to be true with my own skin over the past few years since I became passionate about nutrition and clean eating. Years ago, I had horrible sun damage from years of laying out in the sun and I also had pretty significant acne scars from when I hit puberty.

I am thrilled to say that at the age of 31 my skin has transformed and has improved greatly from ten years ago. I have less fine lines and my skin tone is more even and I hardly struggle with acne anymore! On top of drinking at least half of my body weight in ounces of water a day, I believe that eating in this colorful, antioxidant rich fashion is the key to my healthy complexion and I believe it is the key to yours as well! So, load up on lots of colorful fruits and vegetables (especially the yellow, orange and red pigmented ones), greens, dark chocolate and coffee and help bring on that summer time glow!

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