Grocery Haul: My Favorite Brands

If you have read my book or have followed me for a period of time you'll know I believe in eating as balanced as possible. I do not believe in taking out a single food group and I believe we need it all: healthy fats, protein, fruits and veggies and carbohydrates. For the most part I stick to shopping on the outside of the grocery store (when I actually go in... Walmart grocery pickup and Instacart are this momma's saving grace)! I aim to purchase fresh and organic as much as possible and every week I am stocking up on produce, meats, eggs, nuts and nut butters, coconut milk yogurt and coconut or oat milk. With that said, I do but some packaged food items pretty religiously because I have done my research and I know where they come from, what's in them and how good they taste. Here are my top 5 favorites and why I love them!:

Yasso Fudge Brownie Bars:

These guys are ridiculously good and loaded with protein and are only 100 calories a bar! Perfect for a little nighttime treat after the kiddos go to bed 😉!

Annie's Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Granola Bars:

These are perfect for when the kiddos want a treat or a little snack in the afternoon after school. They are a bit high in sugar but their ingredients are clean and they are gluten free! They don't get them every day but a couple times a week I let them each enjoy one.

Nature's Path Pumpkin Spiced Waffles:

Bring on Fall with these yummy, pumpkin spiced waffles! Almost every Saturday this is our go to breakfast topped with some Kerrygold's butter and organic maple syrup (paired with fruit, scrambled eggs and coffee of course 😉)! They are gluten free and relatively low in sugar but loaded with flavor! We love them!

Endangered Species Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bites:

These dark chocolate squares are the perfect, clean and rich indulgence when you need a little sweet treat or you get that intense chocolate craving. On the days I'm not indulging in a Yasso bar I'll have a couple of these instead. The sugar is extremely low and there are very few ingredients but they are rich and a little goes a long way!

Perfect Bars:

These bars are beyond delicious and they are loaded with tons of plant based protein. I grab one and a bag of baby carrots when I need to head out the door and lunch is on the go! They come in lots of different flavors but their peanut butter chocolate chip and their almond butter flavors are mg favorite!

I hope you'll try some of these awesome brands that are Live Healthy With Laura approved! They truly are as good as they are good for you! Check them out!

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