How I Simplify "Clean Eating"

Do you know why so many people cringe at even hearing the words "clean eating"? It's because of the stigma behind it. It's because of the belief that eating well equals boring ice berg lettuce and tart detox teas. This seriously couldn't be farther from the truth you guys! Everything and I mean everything I eat and have eaten for the past decade since I started on my own health journey has passed the taste test. I don't believe in eating something you absolutely can't stand and don't enjoy.

That being said, I am addicted to feeling healthy and energized. I went through so many years of eating garbage and sabotaging my health that I know what it's like to feel like well, crap (for lack of better terms) and I have no plans to feel like that again if I can help it. Eating clean is and will always be a huge part of my life because I know how much better I feel when I do. About 10 years ago now, I embarked on a mission to find a way to make my favorite foods in the healthiest of ways possible. I didn't want to sacrifice flavor but I also knew I was done with feeling bloated, fatigued, grouchy and run down day to day.

So how did I go about doing this? I simply just started to focus on eating only real, whole foods. Most of these foods were just one ingredient foods without an ingredients label at all. Then if I wanted a brownie for instance, I would start from scratch and mix together as many one ingredient foods possible till I got the batch tasting the way I wanted it to. I would grab the almond flour (one ingredient), cacao powder (one ingredient), pure maple syrup (one ingredient), coconut milk (one ingredient), eggs (one ingredient) and so on.

This is how I build and create all of my recipes you see on my blog and will see in my book. I follow my taste buds, grab a bunch of random ingredients from my fridge and pantry and go to town! I have had my share of recipe flops and that is okay. It's all part of the process! I just experiment till I get it right and once I do it lands on my list of Live Healthy With Laura recipes! It's really that simple! Trust me if I can do it, you can too! Clean eating really just comes down to sticking with and implementing as many one ingredient foods possible into your diet. It is NOT about sacrificing flavor at all! The truth is everything from pizza to chips and ice cream can be made in a healthy manner! So if you have been overwhelmed with how to get started on your clean eating journey then just think "one ingredient" and the rest will figure itself out. Trust me. You've got this my friend!

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