Indulging Without The Guilt

To me, the beauty of a lifestyle is that nothing is off limits. I can eat whatever my heart desires in moderation and without the guilt. If I am being honest though, this was not something I learned over night. It takes time to develop a healthy relationship with food. This is especially true when we live in a fad diet, extremist culture. We hear so often what is "off limits". Do you know what happens when you tell yourself you can't have something? You want it MORE. You begin to obsess over it and eventually its all you think about. Then, you guessed it, you binge and before you know it that whole batch of brownies has disapeared.

Okay so how can we keep this from happening? How can we eat what we want and still stay healthy and in shape? The answer is that you allow yourself a treat every single day. Nothing is off limits! Do you want that cookie? Have a cookie. Do you want some ice cream? Have a couple scoops. Do you want a glass of wine? Have a glass. The trick is you allow yourself ONE small treat per day! Now though I don't usually recommend counting calories I do think it's important that we keep our indulgence under or around 200 calories a day. This gives us room to eat what we crave. The more we allow ourselves this indulgence the less we crave well, anything at all!

This lifestyle practice also helps us practice moderation and portion control. When we are allowed what we love every single day then there's no longer a desire to binge. That brownie is no longer off limits my friend and you can have another brownie the next day if you really want it! So why eat six in one sitting right? For me, it depends on the day what I choose to indulge in but I always indulge in something and I love every single bite and never once feel guilty about it anymore!

See, what I have discovered is that if I fuel my body well the majority of the time, I can trust it can handle my daily treat without an issue. I have found this is the most freeing way to live and maintain a healthy body and mind for LIFE! I so badly want this freedom for you! Now for the record I have to add that I never call or consider indulging as "cheating". I am simply just living! So, allow yourself to indulge a little today will you? Life is short, so how about we live a little and enjoy what we love!

live healthy



Laura Heflin


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