My Top Five Self Care Tips

February is here and with that comes everything heart shaped and everything chocolate (yummy)! It's a traditional practice that we devote the 14th of this month to the one we love and we do or buy them something special to let them know "you are loved". Have you ever thought of adding to this tradition though and also taking some extra time to focus and love on YOU?

Today I am sharing with you my top 5 self care tips!:

1. Wake up one hour (at least) before your kids!

If you have little ones at home you know first hand how taxing it can be to be constantly needed (despite what a blessing it is). Waking up with my kids is something I used to do up until probably two years ago. I figured I would get every drop of sleep possible because that would make me more equipped for the day. Unfortunately though, it had the adverse affect and I would wake up already feeling behind, flustered and grouchy. Now I start my day off quietly and ALONE and by the time my babies are up I am feeling refreshed and ready to start the day caring for them!

2. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin!

Our skin can wear and tear so easily the older we get! With stress, cold weather and fatigue combined it’s easy for our skin to lose its luster! It only takes a few minutes a day to properly care for our skin you guys! I highly recommend making a simple sugar and coconut oil scrub and gently exfoliating two to three times a week before bed! This helps get rid of the dead, dull skin leaving you with a fresh layer to then moisturize! This is one of my secrets for glowing skin!

3. Plan for a night out with a friend (or friends) at least once a month!

Life is such a whirlwind and as much as we would all like to slow down it often seems impossible. All of our lives are different but I think it’s safe to say that we all are running around a little crazy! It is up to US to make and take time off to help us recharge! It won’t just happen on it’s own. What better way to unwind then scheduling a night out with friends? Good food with good friends? Sign me up! We all need it so why not be the one to plan it? You will feel happier and more energized for those who depend on you! You deserve a break! Never doubt that!

4. Practice Yoga!

There is nothing better than a good yoga sequence to chill you out! Take a class or get on YouTube and follow a short video (Boho Beautiful is my favorite)! Yoga has been proven to relax the mind, relieve aches and pains, improve circulation (another recipe for glowing skin!) and improve sleep quality. Each morning after I wake up I start my day with about ten minutes of yoga and it really helps me wake up and feel rejuvenated and ready for the day! Sometimes at night if it's been an extra taxing day I will do yoga before bed too. It really works wonders!

5. Eat dark chocolate daily!

In honor or Valentines Day, I couldn't end without talking about one of my favorite treats...dark chocolate! Aside from the fact that it's delicious it actually is linked to improved mood, lower risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure. It also is a wonderful source of antioxidants and minerals. I try to stick to an ounce of high quality dark chocolate just about every single night when my kids go to bed (I find I can enjoy it more when they’re snoozing and not jumping on me ;). It's something I really look forward to all day! It's a little treat I happily give to myself daily and I think you should too!

Self care doesn’t have to be complicated or pricey my friends! It really just comes down to being intentional and making sure your life is balanced and YOU are well cared for (not just those who depend on you)! This month is all about love so why not you give yourself permission to love and care for yourself a bit more? Make a list of what helps you feel refreshed. Then, I challenge you to actually follow through with that list! Never hesitate to take a moment for yourself because YOU deserve to be loved and cared for too!

~ Laura

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