Portion Control & The Salad Plate Rule

Weigh your food. Measure your food. Count your carb crams. Or wait... how about you just don't. Living on a tight rope in any way especially in relation to food is no way to live at all. All that being said, portion control for many reasons is important but it shouldn't be complicated. Simplicity is KEY to maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

So how does one practice portion control and not over think it? How do we keep ourselves from going down the obsessive rabbit hole that sadly so often leads to eating disorders and anxiety around food? My go to method is simply to follow what is called "the salad plate rule." Yes it is as it sounds. Everything you eat should be able to fit onto a salad plate.

Why a salad plate? Well for starters, the average size of our stomach is the size of our fist. In addOrion, one hundred years ago the average size of the dinner plate was the size of our now, typical salad plate and the majority of individuals were at a healthy weight. So again, your stomach is the size of a fist. A fist fist fits well on a salad plate. So instead of filling up a dinner size plate, I encourage you to just grab a salad plate instead.

Portion control matters. It just does. But, we don’t have to make it complicated and stressful. Just simply grab a salad plate every chance you get, stick to the inner rim of a dinner plate if you are out or split your entree down the middle and put half away for later.

These small changes make a HUGE difference you guys! Not only will your stomach naturally flatten and shrink, you will also save yourself loads of calories and without hardly any effort. So make this small change and reach your healthiest physique without all

the counting, measuring or weighing. Just grab a salad plate! It really is that simple!

live healthy



Laura Heflin



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