Salt: A Friend Or Foe?

You hear so often that salt is the enemy but is it really? Is consuming salt really a sure way to have a heart attack or stroke? The answer is, there is no need to be over dramatic. What really matters is what type or salt we are consuming. As with seemingly everything there is a healthy and unhealthy version.

Lets talk about what salt is for a second. Salt is in definition, a mineral made up of sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is a very important electrolyte that helps regulate fluid balance in the body and that helps control nerve and muscle function. But the truth is “salt” is a rather broad term as there are several forms however the two I want to compare and shine light on today are table salt and pink Himalayan salt.

Iodized Table Salt:

  • is bleached (nope salt is not really white!)

  • heavily processed

  • lacking of most minerals

  • often times contains ammonia, aluminum and other toxic chemicals

  • is linked to high blood pressure and heart disease

Pink Himalayan Salt...

  • unbleached

  • unprocessed

  • contains over 80 minerals

  • contains electrolytes

  • contains a natural source of iodine

  • contains less sodium than table salt

Now, as with anything too much of anything is not such a good thing. Ideally sticking to about 2/3 a teaspoon or 1,500 mg of sodium a day is ideal. Overall though, the moral of the story is salt is NOT the enemy. Pink Himalayan salt can be enjoyed daily and your body and taste buds will not suffer. In fact, they will thank you!

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Laura Heflin


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