Self Care During The Holidays

Doesn't it seem that every year the holidays just get busier and busier? As much as I love the holiday season, they honestly do a good job of knocking my on my butt if I am not super diligent in my self care and careful to leave empty spaces in my calendar. I am a girl that loves tradition and I always try my hardest to make sure that my kids are getting to experience all of the joys of Christmas that I did as a child such as baking Christmas cookies, driving around and looking at Christmas lights and watching all of the old time Christmas movies such as The Grinch and Rudolph. The holidays are magical but let's be honest, if you are a parent you also play the roll of Santa and his elves and it can be exhausting! Today, I am sharing with you my favorite ways that I take time back for me during the holidays:

  1. Take a hot magnesium salt bath! This seriously chills me out in minutes. With our skin being our largest organ and magnesium being one of the most calming minerals there is, it's no surprise that soaking in a tub of it would help you rediscover your calm amidst all of the chaos! My favorite brand is by Seven Minerals and it seriously the best.

  2. I indulge in my favorite LHWL festive treats that get me in the holiday mood but that also leave me feeling light on my feet and not run down.

  3. I practice a few minutes of yoga once or twice a week in addition to my usual workouts to help keep me zen through out this busy season and it works wonders! Check out "Boho Beautiful" on YouTube! Her

  4. I may sound like a broken record but I make sleep a huge priority! I give myself a curfew and I try to power down my phone and computer by 9:30. My goal is to get in bed by 10 PM at the latest and I try my hardest to get eight ours of sleep a night in order to allow my body, my cortisol and my hormones time to reset.

  5. I burn soy candles that smell like everything Christmas such as fresh pine, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla that help make my space a little more cozy and that help me unwind.

  6. I try my hardest to not overschedule and leave room for time to just be home to keep up with laundry, dishes and the kid's toys so that I can ultimately rest. Keeping up with the mess and laundry allows me to keep my oasis a clutter free environment where I can reset. Physical clutter almost always leads to mental clutter and I personally cannot mentally bring myself to rest or unwind in the midst of it. So for me, staying home when I can and keeping up with the mess is a form of self care.

Some of these may not be your average self care tips but for me, they really work! It's all about the little things right? What do you during the holiday season to keep you grounded?

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Laura Heflin


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