The Truth About Calorie Counting

I’ll be honest. At one point in my life I counted every single calorie that went into my mouth. Often times I would be tricked when I would read “lean”, “fat free” or “skinny” on the label and instantly think it was better for me. In reality I was falling into the diet trap and becoming less and less in-tuned to my body and exactly what it was being fed. The reality is calories are just a unit of energy and really have no deciding factor on how healthy or non nutritious food is for us. Additionally, calories are not treated or burned the same in the body! Let’s look at some examples of snacks or foods that are nearly calorically equivalent but yet are very much different in their nutritional value:

*A sweet potato with butter vs. potato chips

*coconut milk yogurt with honey and berries vs. a scoop of ice cream

*a hard boiled eggs vs beef jerky

*hummus and veggies vs cheese on saltine crackers

The truth of the matter is your body just wants to be fed real, whole foods that it can easily recognize. If it is fed food it can easily recognize it can easily utilize it and burn it and not be bogged down by preservatives, chemicals and pesticides. I have personally witnessed both in myself and my clients that this is true for years. I’m fact, I very well may eat MORE now (more often and in smaller increments) than I used to and I am now in better shape even after kids! So just eat real food you guys, make the healthiest swaps possible and throw out all those packaged foods. Then sit back and watch your health and body transform!

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Laura Heflin


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