Water: Are You Drinking Enough?

Did you know that most of us are walking around dehydrated yet we haven't even the slightest clue? The majority of the population doesn't drink anywhere close to the amount of water they should be drinking... and this is a huge problem! Really why though is water such an essential contribution to our health? Is it true that we can literally die without it? Can other beverages take the place of it? How much water do I really have to drink each day?

Today I want to tackle all of these questions for you and I also want to encourage you to drink, drink, drink and then go and drink some more! Water helps our body's engine run. It is as essential as food yet it is so often overlooked! Water fuels our cells. Our cells give our body LIFE therefore allowing it to function and work harmoniously. If we are dehydrated in any sense of the word our cells under a microscope will literally appear shriveled up like a raisin instead of plump like a grape! Cells don’t lie. Its simple as that. They need water and enough of it else they can’t do their job! Water has many functions but most importantly it:

  • boosts brain function

  • boosts mood

  • improves digestion

  • lubricates joints

  • boosts immunity

  • burns fat and increases metabolism

  • improves complexion

Without enough water our body can not and will not function optimally, fight infections and viruses properly or burn fat efficiently. We require at least 1/2 of our body weight in ounces a day to be properly hydrated! If you are getting less than that amount a day your body is actually in a dehydrated state. So what about other beverages? If I'm consuming a liquid aren't I hydrating? The truth is...decaffeinated tea does count as a water source however regular tea, coffee and soda absolutely do NOT as the caffeine acts as a diuretic and actually has the adverse effect (leaving us even more dehydrated)! For those that find it difficult to find the time or the motivation to drink enough water, I tell you this... Drinking enough water is as much of an acquired habit as is eating clean and working out. You have to be consistent and persistent and usually after a few weeks of drinking enough water your body will start to crave it!

In my opinion, room temperature water is best as it encourages you to drink more at a time versus taking small sips here and there. Also, keep in mind that keeping water at arms reach through out the day is essential in order to make drinking such a large amount of water practical. So, splurge on a pretty glass or stainless steel liter water bottle (not plastic unless it is for sure BPA free) and do not leave the house without it! When you make a conscious effort to drink more water you will start to realize how much better you feel once properly hydrated! Again, water is equally as important as food and we must not be stingy with it! So set reminders, use that app, do whatever you have to do to ensure you're drinking enough! Water is NOT optional if you want to really thrive my friends. So go on and fill that glass...It's time to drink up!

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Laura Heflin



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