Carrots & Hormone Balance

Did you know that carrots have the power to help you detox, eliminate excess estrogen and ultimately reduce your PMS? How so you may ask? Well for starters carrots contain a unique form of fiber that has been proven to help transport excess estrogen out of the body. As you may know, estrogen dominance is the main reason PMS occurs at all. When estrogen is high in comparison to your progesterone it can cause a host of issues such as water retention, sore breasts, moodiness, constipation and much much more! I don't know about you but if something as simple as eating a raw carrot a day would help my body eliminate this excess estrogen in my body and allow me to feel healthier and happier, then I am gonna do it! How about you?

Now it's important to note that this fiber has only been found in raw carrots with their skin on and not cooked carrots or baby carrots. So, purchase enough raw carrots for a week and challenge yourself to eat one a day and then keep a mental note each day how you feel! I should mention that aside from the fact that a raw carrot a day has the power to help balance your estrogen to progesterone ratio, it also has the power to give you glowing skin all year long! Who doesn't want that right?

Thanks to carrot's high source of beta carotene (a red/orange pigment found in carrots and other earthy, orange vegetables) that later gets converted into vitamin A by the body, our skin has the chance to rejuvenate. Beta carotene that ultimately becomes vitamin A helps encourage collagen production, reduce wrinkles and also helps fight inflammation within the body. That leads to the fact that carrots can help protect and improve our eyesight, fight and prevent cancer and boost our digestive health. Who knew that such a simple veggie that our mom's tried to get us to eat growing up could offer us so much? Let's take advantage of all of it's benefits together shall we?

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